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Little Known Facts About East Lansing:  It began being settled in 1847, and was the junction of two important indian trails; Okemah Road, and Park Lake Trail. To make travel between Detroit and Lansing, in 1953 the Lansing and Howell Plank Road Company completed a toll road that connected to the Detroit and Howell Plank road. The former cut directly through modern day East Lansing, and had seven (7) toll houses between Lansing and Howell.

1855 saw the founding of Michigan Agricultural College (MAC). The City of "College Park" incorporation papers were filed in 1907, and upon approval the Michigan Legislature changed the name to East Lansing.   The 1907 city charter prohibitied consumption, sale or possession of alcoholic beverages, and it remainde "dry" until 1968. Interestingly enough the first seven mayors of East Lansing were College Professors. East Lansing's 2010 census population was 48,579, and its Geo Location is: 42.7335;-84.4808.

Now a little about Joe: Joe aka “the best carpet cleaner” is an owner operator of his floor care company, and  provides services for carpet cleaning East Lansing MI. However, Joe also provides a whole list of other floor care services for the East Lansing area community as well, to include:

About Carpet Cleaning East Lansing MI
And Other Types of Floor Care

Carpet Cleaning East Lansing MI: Joe and his exceptional staff are well experienced and certified in the proper care and maintenance of the carpet in your home or business. To include, the hot water extraction cleaning that assures and preserves your carpet’s manufacturer’s warranty. (Note: Cleaning every 12 to 18 months are all manufacturer’s warranty requirements. Also see “The importance of cleaning” by Michael Berry, PhD., former Deputy Director of the EPA Environmental Criteria and assessment Office

Marble Restoration East Lansing Mi: Yes, as it happens, Joe is not does the best carpet cleaning East Lansing Mi, he is also owns the only company within a 70 mile radius of East Lansing that are formally trained to do Marble Restoration. This is a process whereby he uses state of the art diamond pads to remove most of the scratches and then polish the marble to a high like new luster. Certainly something to behold when he and his trusted staff have completed their artisan work!

Travertine Floor Cleaning East Lansing MI: Travertine is a stone with a calcium based composition. Therefore, it can be professionally cleaned and polished with diamond pads to maintain its proper luster and appearance.

Linoleum Floor Cleaning East Lansing MI: Joe’s professional floor care company has serviced the greater Lansing area since 1984, and has vast experience in the proper professional care of linoleum to include: the proper cleaning procedures and cleaning solutions to use, as well as, applying the proper professional grade sealing solution to prevent and/or reduce the dirt from being ground into the surface prior to Joe’s “Healthy Home” planned maintenance return.

Commercial Floor Cleaning East Lansing MI: Joe and his trusted staff currently serve commercial clients with facilities from 500 square feet to 15,000 square feet in the East Lansing, Michigan area, and they welcome the opportunity to give you a free evaluation for your own commercial location’s unique needs.

Wood Floor Cleaner East Lansing MI: In the case of wood flooring, Joe and his staff take great care in the cleaning and polishing of your wood floors, and for obvious reasons they professionally limit the use of water in this process. However, for major restoration, as in sanding and refinishing, a different professional is required. (Recommendations are available upon request.)

Stone Tile Cleaning East Lansing Mi: Joe is an expert at accessing which type of stone that has been installed in your home or business. This is important as calcium based stone flooring cab polished with diamond pads, however, non-calcium based stone surfaces require different care by a professional with access to the proper cleaning solutions.

Granite Floor Cleaning East Lansing MI: Granite is not calcium based stone, however, Joe and is valued staff can professionally clean and maintain granite floors to their lustrous appearance.

Vinyl Tile Cleaning East Lansing Mi: The professional care of vinyl tile by Joe and his experienced staff in the greater Lansing area is second to none. In the case of vinyl tile flooring proper and professional cleaning methods and solutions must be applied. Also, a protective coating of professional sealer must be regularly and professionally maintained to preserve the integrity and appearance of the vinyl flooring itself until the next planned “Healthy Home” planned maintenance.

Residential Floor Cleaning East Lansing MI: Your home is very special to you, and Joe and his trusted staff know this all too well.  Joe provides custom floor care services for homes from 500 square feet to 15,000 square feet in the East Lansing, Michigan area. Joe actually specializes in executive style homes that often contain stone and marble flooring.

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning East Lansing Mi: Terrazzo is a calcium based stone, and as you may have guessed Joe and his companies staff are knowledgeable, equipped and formally trained to clean and polish (With Diamond Pads) properly in accordance with worldwide industry standards.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning East Lansing Mi: Joe and his trusted professional staff have decades of experience with cleaning ceramic tile and grout. They use high alkaline solutions to deep clean the ceramic tile and especially the grout. To complete the process they put an application of professional grad sealer to protect the tile and grout from any potential staining until the next regularly scheduled maintenance.

Carpet Cleaning East Lansing MI Including Textile Care

Area Rug Cleaning East Lansing MI: For the proper and professional care and cleaning of area rugs Joe has an “in-plant” cleaning facility for the professional off-site cleaning and care of your areas rugs. To be sure, Joe’s company facility is capable of cleaning small to extra large area rugs of all synthetic and natural fabrics.

Oriental Rug Cleaning East Lansing MI: Mostly commonly Oriental area rugs come in two manufacturing processes, one being and the other machine. The hand manufacturing process is unique and often makes handmade Oriental area rugs investment grade, thus requiring that their cleaning and care be done at highly secure cleaning facility. The most prevalent problem facing the professional care of Oriental rugs is often what are called “fugitive dies”, some know this more commonly as “color bleeding”. Therefore, investment grade Persian area rugs require the delicate and professional care in a high security facility by certified and knowledgeable professionals.

Upholstery Cleaning East Lansing MI: Joe and his experienced staff are professionally trained in proper fabric identification. Also, because upholstery is a thin fabric, great professional care to not over wet or use improper cleaning solutions is required for best results.

Persian Rug Cleaning East Lansing MI: Persian rugs come in two distinctly different manufacturing processes, one being by hand and the other by machine.  The handmade manufacturing process is very unique and as such handmade Persians rugs are most often investment grade, and require a highly secure “in-plant” cleaning facility for their professional care. One of the biggest problems faced in the professional care of Persian rugs is often “fugitive dies”, also known as color bleeding. Therefore, investment grade Persian area rugs require the delicate and professional care in a highly secure facility by knowledgeable and certified professionals.

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Of Course Joe knows you will want to see what his other clients have said about his company’s service so click to read his carpet cleaning East Lansing MI reviews.

As you can now tell, hiring the proper company for your varied floor care needs can make all the difference in how long your floors last. By now it is obvious that Joe has a well equipped company, that has a very professional & trusted staff that are ready to attend do your every floor care need in the entire greater Lansing area.

Please be sure to visit comments from Dr. Berry former Director of he EPA has to say about carpet cleaning. He has a lot of reasons why you might want to seriously consider Joe’s “Healthy Home Maintenance Plan”.

Also... Make sure to ask Joe about his “Healthy Home Maintenance Plan”, yes Joe is making the world a better place one home at a time – Also available for Commercial Clients.

Lastly… While this web page is clearly about your Carpet Cleaning East Lansing Mi needs; there are also several other communities in the Greater Lansing Area that Joe and his trusted staff serve. Please take a second to view the complete list below:

Carpet Cleaning East Lansing MI, and Other Locations

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Central Greater Lansing Area:  East Lansing and Lansing

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East Greater Lansing Area: Okemos,  Williamston, Haslett and Perry

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